About Us

Our Mission

By embracing innovative techniques and addressing diverse needs of the clients from all over the world to bring their ideas to life, providing one-stop service, From prototype to mass production.


Foxstar deliver exceptional precision and efficiency in every project, we provide CNC machining, injection molding, and sheet metal fabrication to 3D printing and more, we server multi-industries and we have multi-choice of materials and surface finishes.

One stop Solution

We are provide one-stop solution for manufacturing needs. Whether prototyping, low-volume production, or high-volume manufacturing, we offer a wide range of manufacturing services that meet diverse requirements. from concept to final product, saving time, effort, and resources for our clients.
Foxstar team are looking forward to working closely with your team to complete your next components , with high quality, time-saving, and competitive prices.


With more than 15 years experience is helping our worldwide clients’ parts engineering and manufacturing. We provide high quality products including rapid prototype, silicone rubber, small batch production, injection tooling and injection parts, metal parts with various production techniques.



Offering full service of product development including prototype, tooling, mass production, assembly, package and delivery.


With an experienced staff and technology, we will meet your customized needs, delivery reliable quality, time-saving  products.


By following ISO 9001 Quality Management System to control and guarantee dimension and quality prior to shipping.


Offering 24 hours sale supports from project development to after sale service.


By Signing "confidential agreement" to protect your design well.


Sending out the products by DHL, FEDEX, UPS, by Air and by Ocean, ensure delivery the goods to you on time.


1. Please send us the following information:
3D drawings (step, iges )
Material, Surface Finish, Qty
Other requests

2. After Reviewing the drawings and your request, we will provide the quote in 8-24 hours.

3. Project analysis prior to production, check every details before proceed.

4. Packaging and delivery.


A customer’s words are more than what we say, – and see what our customers have said regarding how we meet their demands.

"I'm a mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience, based in Silicon Valley, CA. I've known and worked with  FoxStar for a number of years. FoxStar is a top notch manufacturing plant capable of pretty much any process that exists, including injection molding, die casting, machining, stamping, vacuum casting, 3D printing, etc. They're also capable of high level finishes, such as polishing, painting, anodizing, laser etching, silk screening, etc. On top of all of the above, FoxStar has exceptional and hard to beat Lead Times, Pricing and most importantly Quality! They also provide great engineering support, which is very convenient. I would recommend these guys to anybody anytime."  -- Artem Mishin /Mechanical Engineer

"Our company has been very appreciative of the high level of quality and timely manufacturing support over the years. From the extremely fast quotes, to the fair pricing and the range of quality parts Foxstar has produced over the years, Foxstar has taken our engineering-to-manufacturing capabilities to new levels. We look forward to continued work with your company!"  Jonathan / Project Manger

"We have been working with Foxstar for year, they help us overcome not only mold design issue but also other engineer suggestions of product development process, they have enabled us to get our quality goal, their service and quality have exceeded our expectation" --John.Lee / Product Development

"Working with Foxtar these past years has helped my company reach our goals. Which has been, through Foxstar’s great quality but competitive price, we do not need to compromise our design. For the foreseeable future, I see Foxstar as my preferred Rapid Prototyper." --Jacob.Hawkins  /VP of Engineering

"Foxstar has consistently proved to be a top supplier of our rapid prototype parts and injection molded parts for our company, they have consistently impressed us by their professionalism, fast turnaround  and reasonable price, We will continue to work with Foxstar."  Michael Danish  /Designer