Foxstar deliver exceptional precision and efficiency in every project, we provide CNC machining, injection molding, and sheet metal fabrication to 3D printing and more, we serve multi-industries and we have multi-choice of materials and surface finishes.

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    With full collection of 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis CNC machines enable us to provide CNC machining service for rapid prototyping, low-volume manufacturing and small batch manufacturing. At Foxstar, we're all about making things accurate and awesome. With CNC machining, we can turn your ideas into reality.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal is typically produced in sheets or rolls with varying thicknesses, commonly measured in gauge or millimeters. It can be made from various metals, including steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and more. The manufacturing processes applied to sheet metal include cutting, bending, shaping, and joining, allowing it to be transformed into a variety of products.


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